There’s never a bad time for chocolates. Whether you’re picking up a box as a gift, or just as a little treat to yourself these varieties will satisfy your cocoa cravings.

Dragees – $9.95 ea
– Passionfruit Covered Crisps Dragee (Gluten Free)
– Raspberry Covered Crunch Dragee (Vegan)
– Pistachio Crunch Dragee
– Caramelized Almond Dragee (Vegan / GF)
– Valrhona Strawberry Chocolate Coated Vegan Cookie Crisp Dragee (Vegan / GF)
– Costa Rica Chocolate Crunch (Vegan / GF)

Assorted Chocolate Bars – $9.95 ea
– 73% Vietnam Dark Chocolate Bar

– Valrhona Strawberry Infused Chocolate, Freeze Dried Strawberries and Puffed Quinoa

– Valrhona Passionfruit Infused Chocolate, Puffed Amaranth, and Milk Chocolate

– Caramel Infused Milk Chocolate, Toasted Buckwheat, and Pink Peppercorn

– Mendiant (Roasted Almonds, Ginger, Orange, Toasted Almonds, Blueberry)

Chocolates By The Pound
– White Chocolate
– Milk Chocolate,  43%
– Dark Chocolate, 73% Vietnam


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Our Chocolate Guide

Our chocolates are handmade right here on Bainbrige Island, WA. We have a selection that includes a variety of caramels, fruit ganaches, tea infusions and nuts. Each chocolate bonbon is filled with flavors, composition and texture in mind to create our unique ganache.


Italian Illy Coffee Espresso infused in 73% chocolate, soften with caramel chocolate ganache

Fleur de Sel

Semi-soft caramel flavored with Atlantic Ocean harvested Guerande sea salt in dark chocolate shell

Earl Grey

Dark and milk chocolate ganache with Twining Earl Grey tea

Black Currant Gin

This unique ganache is made with our neighbor, Highside Distillery’s Gin with blackcurrant and chocolate creme


Caramel filling made with our neighbor, Eagle Harbor Winery.

This Sangiovese is made in a dark chocolate shell for great contrast


Tropical Mango – milk chocolate made with a hint of lime


A native Japanese citrus fruit reduction.
We combined this with a soft creamy white chocolate filling in a both white and dark shell

Cherry Pistachio

Classic combination of Morello Cherry jam layered with superior quality of Sicilian Pistachio praline

Hazelnut Praline

Hazelnut caramel praline paste and milk chocolate combination

PNB & Jam

Chef Tae’s Favorite!

Home made raspberry jam in dark chocolate shell with creamy peanut butter


Coconut milk ganache with a touch of Malibu Liquor


Boiron strawberry and Belgian White Chocolate creamy filling

Rum & Raisin

Chef’s Favorite!
Dark rum macerated with finely chopped raisin in a chocolate ganache

Dulcey de Leche

Caramelized white chocolate creme with Tahitian Vanilla bean


Combination of tart passionfruit and Belgian milk chocolate filling in milk chocolate shell

Banana Foster

Dark chocolate filled with banana flambee rum and chocolate creme


Lip pucker!

Chocolate ganache made with fresh squeeze lime juice and creamy white chocolate

Maple Bourbon

Aged Kentucky Bourbon – maple reduction flavored butter cream in dark chocolate shell

Mirabelle & Vanilla Chai

Mirabelle French plum jam with Vanilla Chai infused chocolate ganache.

Made exclusively for Bainbridge Apothocary & Tea.

Lemon & Moroccan Mint

Lemon jam balances out with creamy Maghrebi Moroccan Mint Tea ganache.

Made exclusively for Bainbridge Apothocary & Tea


African Roobois tea-yoghurt ganache.

Made exclusively for Bainbridge Apothocary & Tea

Chocolate Gifts

Soccer Ball

This is the perfect gift for any Soccer enthusiast. This hollow 7 inch and delicious piece doubles as a conversation piece and gourmet dessert in one. Made from our finest Belgium chocolate and weighs approximately 1 pound.

Bainbridge Icon Frog
A one of a kind gift for visitors! You may even want to kiss it to see if it changes into a charming prince !

Dog Lovers
This impressive 4 inch piece is too cute to consume.

Cat Lovers
This impressive 4 inch piece is too cute to consume.


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